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Entertaining KitchensEntertaining Kitchens


rsz_dreamstime_m_5028709Refresh, Refine, Redesign

 By Marie Scanlin 

Choosing Cabinetry is No Trivial Matter

by Rick Beckham CMKBD

Houston Renovator
     Design Ideas by the Holidays

A Remodeling Workshop

project_redoProject Re Do         

West University Renovation Total Remodel in Meyerland 

rsz_screen_shot_2013-04-21_at_102149_pmA Source Guide for the Latest Kitchen, Bath and Modern Home Design

best_ideaTop Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Home


What is Transitional?


This question has the same answer as the question, “What is Love?” It means many different things to many different people. It is the grey area between traditional and contemporary. It is defined by the person who is using the word.

6 Top Designer Secrets

1. Don’t begin to redesign or design a room without a decorating plan. Tear out pictures from magazines and write down ideas you are drawn to when viewing other people’s homes.

Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Organize, Secure and control your Home.

More security, better lighting, the right volume of music and improving your home’s energy efficiency as well.

Time for your Energy Audit

By William Hanover


Remodeling Your Home for Better Accessibility

Designing for better accessibility is becoming the trend. Growing up in a household during the 60s and 70s where my father was wheelchair bound, our home was not the norm.

Houston's Green Leaders


In a culture where ‘going green’ is a growing concern, Houston is following the movement to its foundation—green building. For those who don’t know, green building entails not just energy and environmental efficiency but economic responsibility as well.

Remodeling Science


Gathering tables, gathering rooms... these are the terminologies we use when describing the function of the American kitchen. When it comes to remodeling in Houston, the kitchen is the most popular and most desired room to update. Let's look at the reasons most homeowners want to renovate their kitchen.

Modern Bath Design


Comfort, functionality, style, conservation and size all factor into today’s bathroom renovations. Inspired by Las Vegas hotel suites, many new bathroom remodels include large or smaller video flat screens to add to the comfort and feel of your new den.



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An Expert Guide: an introduction to Houston’s newest remodeling & home design authority

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Katheryn Houk’s Series on REMODELING SCIENCE


Organizing your life, your home and your family can present a very conflicting set of priorities, especially when you throw your career into the mix. Better organization for a better life is attainable. It simply takes dedication and desire.