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Diversify Your Investment Risk


All investments carry risk. But, as an investor, one of the biggest risks you face is that of not achieving your long-term goals, such as enjoying a comfortable retirement and remaining financially independent throughout your life. To help reach your objectives, you need to own a variety of investment vehicles — and each carries its own type of risk.

Must-have estate planning documents for now and the future



Garrick Behelfer
Vice President
Frost Wealth Advisors


What would happen to my home, car, bank account, investments and other assets if I die? Who would care for my children if I weren’t around any longer? What would I want medical professionals to do—or not do—to keep me alive if I was critically injured or gravely ill? Who would make decisions about my medical care if I couldn’t speak for myself? Who would take care of my finances if I couldn’t do it?

Can You Turn “Be a Millionaire Day” into Reality?


If you look hard enough, you can find many obscure holidays, but few of them can instantly capture people’s interest as much as Be a Millionaire Day, which is “celebrated” on May 20. While amassing a million dollars may not be as significant a milestone as it used to be, most of us would still feel pleased if we could someday attain “millionaire” status. While there are no perfect formulas or guarantees, here are some steps to consider when working toward any investment goal:

Make the most of wealth opportunities with a private banker.

By Corey F. Powell, Frost Bank

What Does The Investment landscape look like.

As an investor, you know that 2011 was a somewhat “choppy” year, with the financial markets going through many ups and downs. So what can you expect in 2012?